Emotional addictions

All emotional addictive behaviours are projected demands we impose on others to meet the needs we think we are incapable of fulfilling for ourselves.

Emotional addictive behaviour is something we all suffer from in varying ways. In some it is more obvious and more damaging than in others especially when that emotion is of a negative nature that is expressed in a harmful way.

You might be addicted to constantly arguing, hating everything, holding grudges and resentments in order to feel normal. This is usually due to an addiction to that negative emotion. You may know someone who needs to be upset or angry about something or someone almost all of the time.

Fear is a common emotional addictiion. This is when you are addicted to the evening news with it's horror stories and fearful innuendo. Millions of people live by fear and anger.

You might be addicted to passionate love, (an addiction to falling in love or the courting phase), where you experience an overwhelming high, but after a while the high simmers down leaving you feeling flat, bored and disheartened, sending you out again in search of someone new to get that high all over again.

You also may be riddled with guilt and shame a lot and this will lead to negative self-talk and this self-talk leads to a lack of love and respect for yourself which inevitably leads to more negative behaviour to re-enforce the guilt and shame further.

When you love yourself it feels great and you won't need to look for other things or other people to make you feel good.

Attending the Greatness In You replaces your compulsive addictive behaviour with love for yourself and others.