No person willingly chooses to become addicted to any substance and freeing yourself is usually a long and painful process that often fails.

Physical dependency is only part of the problem which most can be free of in a relatively short time. Psychological and emotional dependency is however, another issue.

The Greatness In you teaches self-love. While millions of people have searched for the secret of love, many more have not. They know they hurt, but all they want is something for the pain. For them the variety of pain killers is almost endless. Food is a common way to kill the pain. Eating more than your body needs is a cover up for lovelessness. Like food, almost anything you take into your body, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs of all kinds are used to kill the pain of not giving and receiving love.

Unless the underlying causes for the dependency are identified and healed there is little hope of lasting recovery as the substance provides a means of escape from the painful feelings and or inhibitions you are suffering from.

Someone once said, “To call me an alcoholic is to call me by the name of my medicine.” Addiction to any substance is an attempt to medicate.

Dealing with the primary cause of the need for any mind altering substances and discovering the necessary inner resources to take care of those needs rather than medicate them empowers you to move past addiction to enjoy life living substance free.

Attending the Greatness In You gives you an initial breakthrough of the habitual behaviour and motivation to move out from an environment that supports the addiction.

Ongoing assistance and support from special addiction organisations is recommended.