Business and career stress

Too busy, too tired, no time for your relationship?

Are you working twelve or more hours a day 7 days a week and do you use fatigue or lack of time as an excuse to avoid love? Work is also a common substitute for love and a way of killing the pain of not getting it. For some people it is easier and less painful to be married to a business or career than to be married to a partner.

Are you settling for an unloving life and surrounding yourself with possessions?

There is certainly nothing wrong with possessions in themselves. The products of human intelligence, creativity and labour are yours to enjoy, but it is unfulfilling when you sacrifice love while pursuing them.

Balance: Are you constantly torn between the pressures of employment and personal life? Are you unsure about how to reap the rewards from both?

We all need to earn a living, but if the scales are not balanced and you give all your energy to work and bring home the pressures of work your relationships suffer. On the other hand if you spend all your time at home your work and the capacity to earn the money you want will suffer.

Getting your priorities in order: Work takes up most of your time and is necessary if you want to get ahead. Sometimes you are not aware of how much time you are spending at work and you can even forget what you are doing it all for until you get home to an angry or resentful partner.

Putting some effort in to re-connecting with your partner is important if you want to reap the rewards and live a balanced life. Remember when you first fell in love you would spend as much time as was physically possible being together and through this process you got closer and connected. You probably have lots of activities in your life today stopping you from spending more time together that you should seriously consider dropping?

Sacrificing something you enjoy doing is always difficult, but it is all worth it when you make time to re-connect and enjoy a happy home life.

Attending the Greatness In You gives you the opportunity to determine the right balance needed based on the dynamics of your business and home environment.