Family business

Rewarding or soul destroying?

You probably have heard the phrase, "It's not personal it's business."

In a family business it's always personal. Separating your emotions from the business is not easy to do especially if you are managing a family member. It is difficult to receive critical feed back from anyone even more difficult to receive from people you love.

If you let emotions interfere with your business it can make you appear weak to your employees or clients and severely affect your ability to make sound business decisions. On the other hand if you are insensitive you may appear to be cold and unapproachable. Lack of sensitivity with family employees can also cause problems at home.

Business verses family goals.

Your goals for the family business may be incompatible with the goals of the other family members. The usual goal of a business is to make a profit and provide a return on capital to the owners and investors. Typical family goals may include emotional ties, support, love, respect and kindness.

Founding parents may want to see that all the children are supported by the business even though only 1 or 2 siblings are working in the business. This can create intense friction if the business and family goals are not clarified and reconciled.

Role confusion.

The natural hierachy in business is CEO over subordinates. The natural hierachy in a family is parent over oldest child, oldest over next child and so on. These roles can easily be confused especially if younger generations come into the business and assert authority. The business and family hierachy may collide.

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