Business partnerships

Are two heads better than one? Maybe.

There are many partnerships that are rewarding and produce successful results for all parties concerned. They start with great ideas and lots of enthusiasm and the advantages of having a partnership are many.

Before entering into a partnership make sure you share a common vision for both the business and the partnership. Document this vision and make sure everyone agrees. You need to know if you have some traits in common like similar work ethics and common objectives on how the business should be run. You need to know why you are partners at all. Having a clear understanding of why you are in the partnership helps define roles, responsibilities and expectations and can lead to constructive discussion as things change over time.

You have a partnership because your partner furnishes something your business needs such as money, skills, knowledge and more.

The good things about partnerships is you can accomplish twice as much. You don't always have to be there. You can take holidays and be away without worrying because you have a motivated partner who is on the same page as you. You have someone to share the load and someone to rely on.

To every upside there is a downside.

After the business has been up and running for some time the initial enthusiasm can fade and emotional issues start to surface.

Emotion clouds judgment and perspective and erodes trust and respect.

Some trust and respect is always necessary in resolving disputes. Without trust a partnership can not succeed. Another common reason for disputes is when you feel that you are contributing more than your partner and you are only willing to carry your partner for so long. Whether you are really carrying them or not is a different question. Pullling staff, spouses and others into partnership problems also erodes trust and respect and destroys what was once a great friendship.

Communicate and keep communicating.

If truthful communications between the parties breaks down negativity and mistrust can destroy a successful venture very quickly. Although it may seem hopeless at times if both sides keep communicating progress will be made eventually, but often trust and respect are so far gone that it takes a lot of convincing to rebuild even the smallest amount.

The breakup of a business partnership can be as intense as the breakup of a marriage.

Attending the Greatness In You will help you to let go of the emotional stress and define your immediate goals for the partnership whether the partnership is one you want to fix or one you want to disolve.