You built it

You struggled, worked hard, times were tough, but you followed your dream and built the business. You have paid a price in your relationships and parenting, but it has been highly successful and you are enjoying the rewards. Now what?

You have got good people in place running your creation, but it is hard to relax. You are not sure if you should stay away and not have any input into how the business is being run, so you do that. This then creates unrest amongst the people you have left in charge because they think you don't care about the business or about them anymore and how hard they are working to keep your dream alive. You also have concerns if you still have some input they will see this as you not trusting them to do the job without you.

You then think maybe you should sell the business as it would be less stressful and after all no one in the family really wants the responsibility. But, what would happen to all the loyal people working in the business who helped you make your dream come true? They may not have a job if new owners choose to do things differently. You feel a responsibility and obligation to keep them in their jobs to reward them for their loyalty and support.

The transition from being in charge and building your own business to handing over the reins takes you out of your comfort zone and could result in an identity crisis leaving you feeling displaced, worthless, anxious, guilty and even depressed.

What would happen if you passed away and you were no longer here. The instructions legal or otherwise, the forward plans that you put into place could be followed or challenged. You are not affected. You are not affected by the decisions made or the outcome and whether it affected your people or not because you no longer have an emotional attachment. No emotional attachment means no emotional stress. Letting go of emotional attachments is not easy if you don't know who you are.

Attending the Greatness In You fast forwards the process of letting go of emotional attachments and dealing with the emotional stress of a major life change ensuring a successful transition to the next phase of life.