I want more

You want it. Why haven't you got it?

Pain and dissatisfaction in any aspect of life is powerful motivation for action towards change.

When you have a toothache you don’t just sit and suffer, you find a good dentist. Getting more of what you want in life is much the same. Decide to end the suffering of unsatisfactory conditions and be your own dentist, learn the necessary skills to ease the pain in your life.

On the surface there may appear to be many reasons that you believe to be true and beyond your capacity to change that keep you trapped.

This, however, is not necessarily the truth.

On deeper examination the problem lies in your core beliefs of inferiority, unworthiness, guilt and shame over past mistakes or you believe other people hold the power and control over your situation.

Attending the Greatness In You gives you the opportunity for self-inquiry into these core beliefs and frees you from their domination which empowers you to go after what you want.