Make a change.

“To change is to experience change.”

When is the right time to make a change?

NOW! "Tomorow is promised to nobody."

Time keeps moving forward, you have no control over that, but you do have control over the time that you have now. Procrastination stops you from acting now. Putting things off and leaving things in the too hard file until another day leads to a seemingly endless cycle of anxiety, avoidance and shame, nothing gets done and you can't enjoy anything with that guilt hanging over your head. It affects all aspects of your life - especially your well-being, your relationships and achievements.

Fear is the major cause of procrastination. The fear of failure - the thought of putting in the effort, but still failing makes you anxious so you choose avoiding and procrastinating instead. On the flip side you fear success, not failure. Procrastination protects you from the higher expectations and greater responsibilities that may come with succeeding. Perfectionism may underlie your avoidance. Because you believe that things shoud be done perfectly, the result is nothing gets done at all. You wait for something outside of yourself to happen to change your life circumstances.

The good news is the Greatness In You seminar gives you the opportunity to deal with your fears. Letting them go results in a new motivation to take action now.

“Happiness is not a future event.”

The personal education gained from the Greatness In You works. Over 20,000 people have participated in the Greatness In You and they have discovered for themselves a definite formula for happiness and success. They understand how things really work and their focus is on results not intentions. The Greatness In You is for everyone who is committed to solving problems rather than enduring problems. In essence, the Greatness In You offers immediate solutions that work with lasting results.