No person is a number however, during our formative years we make decisions about ourselves to help us fit in to our unique environment. From these decisions a position is taken called the thrust number.

With all personalities the attributes of the wings, (the position either side of the thrust number), when added in varying degrees to the thrust number, creates personal individuality. It is of the utmost importance that each of us understand the cocktail mixture we have created with our thrust number and wings.


Four personalities have a lot of depth as they are introspective, seeking to understand themselves. They are highly intuitive and have keen insight, tuning in to how others feel with ease.

Four’s artistic and creative talents are expressed with taste and style in a unique and original manner as they are deeply appreciative of beauty, quality and the finer things in life.

They set high standards for themselves, are hard working and principled.

Intimate Relations

As fours tend to overidentify with the depth and intensity of their feelings whether positive or negative, they experience frequent highs and lows in relationships.

When they are in acceptance of their own special uniqueness they love to make others feel special as well. This may be expressed by planning a special surprise dinner or arranging an outing that is specifically tailored to give pleasure to their partner or friends. Conversely, when fours are out of balance they think of themselves as being basically flawed or are plagued with feelings of guilt and self- loathing. At these times they become self- absorbed, depressed and withdrawn. When others attempt to cheer them up by offers of help, or by pointing out that their view is overexaggerated, they will interpret this as being misunderstood and this heightens their feelings of isolation.

Fours as children, to escape reality for various reasons, were highly imaginative, creating ideal and exciting scenarios that they imagined would be fulfilled in the future. As adults, in relationships, when the reality doesn’t live up to the imagined ideal, even though all may appear to be well, they experience boredom and dissatisfaction, feeling as though there is something missing.

The basic fear of the four personality is abandonment which they also experienced in childhood. As they interpreted this abandonment to mean that they were somehow defective but are unsure how or why, they enter relationships fearing rejection and re-abandonment. Through this fear, if they feel insecure or threatened, they may become jealous, possessive and emotionally needy, making overdramatic phone calls or through sending letters or e-mails or alternatively, become superior, controlling and rejecting, abandoning others to avoid the devastation of being re-abandoned themselves.

Honesty, reassurance of commitment, emotional involvement, expressions of appreciation of their finer qualities and support are important to the four personality as receiving these will assist them to accept that they do belong and are loveable.

With this self acceptance four personalities are warm, passionate, gentle and supportive partners and friends. Both empathetic and compassionate, interesting and playful, creating beauty and taste in their environment.

In the workplace

Fours at work set high standards for themselves and quality is a top priority. They will research, or study to hone their skills and work hard to achieve desired outcomes.

For the four personality to open up with confidence to others, trust must be established.

As fours have excellent memories they need to be reassured of their past efforts and how important their contribution has been. This will see the four coming forward with suggestions without the fear of being put down or embarrassed. They are very intuitive and can often foresee problems.

The four personality is inspired by positions that allow them to be creative and add their flair. Allowing them to take the reins in specialised areas gives them their sense of importance and reassurance that they belong. They will excel in projects or duties that include both interaction with others and a form of uniqueness. If something is required to stand out, be sure to put a four on the project. They thrive when they have the confidence and recognition of their superiors and the freedom to implement their creative ideas.

Re-assurance of a job well done also inspires these people. Reflecting on previous achievements locomotes their psyche to do and attain more. As these people like the finer quality things in life they expect to be financially rewarded in direct proportion to their efforts.

Simple things can inspire this personality. For example, allow them what may be perceived a slight advantage over co-workers, a slightly higher rate of pay, an individual uniform, different office surroundings or even a specialised duty that distinguishes them from the norm. They dislike boring or mundane positions or duties.

Not usually a very vocal personality, the four, in the early stages, tends to silently achieve their goals. When trust is established the four will be the instigator in the opening up process. Their contract of being special sees them requiring others to come to them until this trust is established. Their loyalty and commitment to the job at hand is unsurpassed so long as they are achieving their own personal objectives and are satisfactorily rewarded.

The four personality must have outlets for their creativity and they search out positions where this can be expressed. Their creativity comes in many forms, design, artistic flair, innovative techniques or programs which allow the four to stand out from the crowd.

The four personality’s opinion should never be discarded as it would be highly unusual for these people to voluntarily speak up on an issue unless they have considered all sides of the equation. On speaking up with their suggestion you can be assured that their solution will be workable and beneficial.

Common complaints about the Four:
Complaints of the Four:
Preferred positions:

Any position that allows the four personality the expression of their creativity.

The Key:

The four personality finds their inspiration through their imagination. At times, however, their imagination can see them diverted from the reality of the situation. It is imperative for these people to focus on one thing at a time and follow it through to completion. This focus sees them putting in action ahead of thoughts and allows the four to find a balance away from their intense feelings. The work place is a very important place for these people as it forces them to focus and aids in improving their self worth.

Marlon Brando, Patsy Cline and Michael Jackson are Four type personalities.