No person is a number however, during our formative years we make decisions about ourselves to help us fit in to our unique environment. From these decisions a position is taken called the thrust number.

With all personalities the attributes of the wings, (the position either side of the thrust number), when added in varying degrees to the thrust number, creates personal individuality. It is of the utmost importance that each of us understand the cocktail mixture we have created with our thrust number and wings.


Seven personalities are classic extroverts and are oriented towards material things and sensations. They are generous, flamboyant, witty, funny and charming. People love to be in the seven’s company because it is never dull or boring. They keep loved ones, colleagues and friends entertained and excited with their story telling, grand schemes, plans and ideas. They are positive, optimistic and life is one big party. They are avid consumers, connoisseurs of all things fine, especially recognizable brand names. Sevens are usually always the first with the latest technology and gadgets – nothing but the newest, biggest and best.

When in balance they are great leaders, charismatic and motivational and have a deep sense of appreciation for the good things in life which they generously share with all.

Intimate Relations

Commitment and recommitment are the keys to relationships with the seven personality. They change priorities and divert their energy to new and possibly more exciting or rewarding relationships, causing those closest to feel unimportant and rejected. At this point friends need to remind them of their previous commitments to assist them in regaining focus.

They are the fun lovers of the study and are often supreme optimists which can create conflict with their partner through a neglectful or flippant attitude towards their responsibilities in the relationship.

They like their freedom and can sometimes feel trapped or smothered in a relationship and dislike others to be needy, even though they themselves depend heavily upon the support of others.

“If life is good, I want more” is the catch cry of the seven personality and time and again they will neglect important serious issues or tasks needing their attention and indulge themselves in pleasant diversions. Continual mental planning can sometimes see this personality confused about the right direction to take and in a relationship, this may be frustrating to a partner. Similar to the three personality, sevens are workaholics, spending much of their time planning and striving for material success. They let themselves and loved ones down when they avoid painful or emotional issues that others or they may have.

When the seven personality’s many options are closed and they are forced to confront negative or painful circumstances, eg. (experiences of loss or deprivation), they become depressed and immobilised and withdraw from their usual social activities. At these times they become overly dependent, possessive and controlling of their partner and those closest to them. They are egocentric, not considering other’s thoughts or feelings and demanding of their time and attention. However, when the seven’s perennial optimism resurfaces they regain their supreme confidence and belief that life should be an adventure, both exciting and fun, to be shared generously with those they love and care about.

Life shared with a seven may be considered a “roller coaster ride” but will never be described as boring.

In the workplace:

Without question the seven personality loves prestige brands that can portray the “I have made it” image. The only way to get these rewards is with money. This personality is prepared to work very hard to get what they want and they must be very well financially rewarded. If they perceive that they are not being paid in proportion to their efforts you can be assured that they will be looking elsewhere, whether or not others are aware of this.

With their desire to impress others and possess the finer things in life, the seven personality likes to feel that they are treated better than colleagues. Special one on one meetings, higher incentives, public recognition and the prospect of healthy financial rewards for their efforts will fire them up to get on with the job. They love a challenge that others may have failed in to prove their worth and gain recognition.

As a result of a life time of getting out of tight spots, the seven’s thinking process is always on the lookout for opportunities which creates an extraordinary creative flair. If there’s a problem or the need to find another way, ask a seven. They usually find answers no one else could even contemplate. By encouraging this side of their persona employers will be very well rewarded, as it enables the seven to feel they belong, and at the same time to impress colleagues.

Due to their hedonistic attitude to material things it is well advised to create opportunities for the seven to be able to gain their desires. They will then become the dynamic force in any team. The trap as a leader is they tend to want to be one of the gang and this can be damaging to their managerial aspirations.

Their entrepreneurial spirit gives them the ability to be creative and see the big picture which generates great excitement, which they use to motivate others. They are great seducers with their ideas but their mouth can sometimes overload their back with promises they can’t keep.

Due to the seven’s super optimism they tend to be motivating to others, however, this does not mean that they do not require motivation for themselves. They tend to dismiss or ignore negatives, portraying that everything is ok, while a trail of disaster is catching up with them. This is when it would be advisable for any superior of the seven to instigate a one on one meeting or a luncheon to allow the seven to expose the pitfalls.

When the seven is in this state, they will be running riot with new ideas and schemes that would not be pertinent to the job at hand. The other alternative is that they would be uncontactable by phone, e-mail, fax or by any other means.

Seven’s love the company of others and therefore isolated environments deter these people from performing at their best. They work hard to achieve their dreams and delight in sharing their rewards.

Common complaints about the Seven:
Complaints of the Seven:
Preferred positions:
The key:

To stay focused on the job at hand and to constantly recommit and follow through to completion. Be aware that not necessarily all of their plans will come to fruition and personal gain doesn’t always happen in a day. Realise that they are worthwhile with or without material possessions.

Larry King, Goldie Hawn and Richard Branson are Seven personalities.