No person is a number however, during our formative years we make decisions about ourselves to help us fit in to our unique environment. From these decisions a position is taken called the thrust number.

With all personalities the attributes of the wings, (the position either side of the thrust number), when added in varying degrees to the thrust number, creates personal individuality. It is of the utmost importance that each of us understand the cocktail mixture we have created with our thrust number and wings.


Love, altruism, caring and helpfulness are the major talents of the two personality. Because of these qualities they have keen insight and are very tuned in to how others feel.

They have a great deal of compassion for people and are generous with their time and attention when others are in need, going out of their way to be of help. They feel it is a privilege to be in other people’s lives and they enjoy having fun with them. They are sincere, warm and friendly and emotionally demonstrative.

They support and empower others and bring out the best in them with appreciation, compliments and praise. Twos pay attention and respond to people’s individual needs, making them feel special and important.

Intimate Relations

Giving and receiving love and intimacy are the most important ingredients for the two personality in relationships.

They are sensitive to their partner’s feelings and needs and will give their all which makes the partner feel valued and loved. At the same time they deeply desire the same from the partner and as they have difficulty asking directly for what they themselves need they can be manipulative to get what they want.

Because intimacy is a high priority for the two personality others can feel safe opening up to them with honesty and vulnerability as they will be rewarded with compassion, comfort and understanding.

Appreciation and reassurance of love are important to the two as when this is lacking they can feel insecure in the relationship. When feeling insecure or neglected the two personality can become controlling, possessive, moody and wallows in self pity at times, staying there until the partner or loved ones notice them and pay them attention. They love to give to others, as this is their true nature, without looking for anything in return.

In balance they usually have a good sense of humour and enjoy being playful.

In the workplace:

Priorities of the type two personality are service first followed by rewards.

They excel in any position which involves interaction with people and will work hard and late to achieve objectives. However, twos dislike working in isolation or on tasks unrelated to people.

To achieve the best from two personalities they need only to know that they are needed, appreciated and are a valuable part of the organisation. When receiving these, twos will excel. As team members they are tuned in to the emotional needs of colleagues as they are interested in each person individually. Due to their sensitivity to others feelings, they are aware of negativity between team members and will implement reconciliation. At times this can be considered by others as too intrusive of their personal space.

As leaders they assume the role of Mother/Father of a project exercising power and influence through informal authority. Their focus is on nurturing the team first who in turn will produce the desired successful outcome. The trap for the twos to be aware of is that over involvement on the personal side can be detrimental to the achievement of goals. They must make sure that the organisational/financial side of their work is being addressed, not just the people issues.

Two personalities identify strongly with their feelings and when they feel positive are a strong positive influence on others, however when feeling negative their influence is equally as strong causing fragmentation.

Common Complaints about the Two:
Complaints of the Two:
Preferred positions:

Positions that allow for people interaction are vital to this personality.

The Key:

To ensure that the two’s own basic needs are met by themselves and not expect that others must fulfil this duty. Accept that their good nature may, at times, be abused by others. Realise that rewards are an internal job and that they don’t necessarily need public recognition. Structure time out for self and allow time to relax without going over responsible for work colleagues and family. Know that self appreciation is the only appreciation required. Ask for what they want.

Mary Kay, Desmond Tutu and Mother Theresa are Two type personalities.