No person is a number however, during our formative years we make decisions about ourselves to help us fit in to our unique environment. From these decisions a position is taken called the thrust number.

With all personalities the attributes of the wings, (the position either side of the thrust number), when added in varying degrees to the thrust number, creates personal individuality. It is of the utmost importance that each of us understand the cocktail mixture we have created with our thrust number and wings.


When in balance the eight personality is dynamic, powerful, intuitive with leadership qualities and empathy for others. They are gentle and protective toward those who are vulnerable or dependent. They tackle the hard tasks with inner strength and focus, on behalf of all, until the desired end result is achieved.

What you see is what you get with the eight personality. They are self-confident and direct when communicating with others and accept responsibility with ease as they enjoy challenges.

Their energy is earthy as is their sense of humour.

Because they have a strong sense of justice, they often champion causes and stand up for the underdog. Respect is important to them and they are usually independent and ambitious.

Intimate Relations

Eights in relationship are honest and open with their thoughts and feelings, enjoy intimacy and are passionate, caring and supportive. They can also be possessive, dominating, insensitive and overprotective.

When there are issues causing distance between them and loved ones they will want to confront them immediately as they dislike feeling disconnected.

Eights dislike appearing weak. Therefore, when feeling hurt or fearful they react with aggression. However, when they accept that their sensitivity is not weakness, they share their feelings with gentleness.

In the workplace:

The eight personality is motivated by action and hates boring or repetitive routines. They need to know who is in charge and where they stand. They say it how they see it and insist on being heard. They will assume leadership and will challenge the authority of those they do not respect. They are forthright and just with people.

Eights are team leaders rather than team builders who lead with authority. Members of the eight’s team will have the security of knowing that if they are ever in a sticky situation they would be able to count on the eight to fix it. It really wouldn’t matter who or what had to be challenged to resolve a situation as the eight would be equal to the task.

Eights are usually ambitious and want financial security so they need to see that this is achievable. When this is the case they are motivated and resourceful and will work tirelessly for a successful result. They are practical leaders who expect honesty from team members who will also know exactly where they stand. They can be intimidating to some, who find them too blunt and overpowering.

Eights enjoy hard work as it gives them a sense of purpose. With their embedded belief that nothing can be too hard to handle, they really do enjoy performing to a task. If the situation requires a saviour you can count on the eight.

Common complaints about the Eight:
Complaints of the Eight:
Preferred positions:
The Key:

To be aware that others are threatened by what may be seen as an aggressive persona. This can be eliminated simply by a more gentle approach with colleagues/employers and by allowing others to be heard without confrontation. It is imperative to keep in mind that all types of people have a role to play and the eight must be aware of their ability to cut people down to size and wipe them.

George Patton, John Wayne and Margaret Thatcher are Eight type personalities.