No person is a number however, during our formative years we make decisions about ourselves to help us fit in to our unique environment. From these decisions a position is taken called the thrust number.

With all personalities the attributes of the wings, (the position either side of the thrust number), when added in varying degrees to the thrust number, creates personal individuality. It is of the utmost importance that each of us understand the cocktail mixture we have created with our thrust number and wings.


Integration of the six to the nine sees this personality much more emotionally open, receptive and sympathetic towards others. (Integration fully explained in CD/Audio workshop).They offer stability and safety to others, providing a quiet sense of comfort to them. They are reliable and willingly offer any help they can to a friend in need. They are inoffensive in their communication with others and can usually defuse conflict (within a group) without placing blame on any party, through their quiet manner of handling things. Because they are reliable, people recognise this and trust them to honour commitments. They are “the quiet achievers” completing tasks without fuss and little comment.

When the six personality taps into their internal courage and overcomes their fears and negative self talk, they express their creativity. With the influence of the wing of the five their focus and originality comes to the fore, and with the wing of the seven they become involved and socially active, even to the point of being the centre of attention in their own individual way. Their sense of humour sees a person who can take it on the chin and enjoys practical jokes even if the jokes are directed at themselves.

Intimate Relations

Trust can be an issue for six personalities as their trust was broken when children and they fear this may happen again. Due to this fear they can be controlling, suspicious and overly cautious with others. However, when trust is established, six personalities are committed and faithful in their relationships and can be relied upon for loyalty and support. They demonstrate their warmth and caring freely towards those that they love and in times of misfortune are compassionate and helpful to others in very practical ways.

When feeling threatened or criticised, they become defensive and react with sarcasm or conversely, withdraw and become sullen and uncommunicative. However, when approached in a nonthreatening and gentle manner they are open and willing to cooperate and work through any issues.

As sixes lack self confidence and fear they may fail, they dislike taking risks and procrastinate about change, preferring to stick with what is familiar and safe. If pushed by others to change the status quo, they become stubborn and unwilling to cooperate. They will accept change however, with encouragement and assurance of support initially, they will then make decisions and happpily motor ahead under their own steam.

Sixes are witty and bring a sense of fun to their relationships and can be great practical jokers.

In the workplace:

The six personality needs to know the set boundaries and have a step by step plan to work to, to gain security and courage and overcome doubts and fears of not measuring up. With set boundaries these people become decisive, assertive, respected team members and their communication, (drawn from past experiences and knowledge) is forthright and accurate. The set boundaries ensure the six that they are on track and with confirmation of these boundaries are reassured that they are doing the right thing. If, however, the boundaries are continually changed the six will lose trust, become stubborn, anxious and unwilling to cooperate.

The six loves to decipher problems and can excel in this area.

They can be overly reliant on authority figures or conversely, rebellious and unwilling to cooperate.

Motivation of the six must come in forms of assurance rather than hyped verbalisations. If what is being said makes logical sense they will run with the ball, being the greatest advocate of the plans to clients, even if they portray a cynical, uncaring attitude to their colleagues. They can sit through meetings, appearing to be uninvolved, but rest assured that every word is being taken in for later use.

Criticism can have them retreating and becoming unwilling to cooperate unless the criticism is accepted as constructive and unemotional. If there is logic in the criticism and it is presented in a nonthreatening and appropriate manner the six personality can accept it as another challenge and respond positively.

Sixes are cautious, constantly looking out for unforeseen errors, giving them the ability to accurately pin point problems prior to them developing, thus saving time and money.

Six personalities measure their successes by monetary gain and spontaneous recognition and approval from others for a job well done.

Common complaints about the six:
Complaints of the Six:
Preferred positions:
The Key:

To reach their full potential the six needs to overcome negative self talk, trust their own environment and accept that life is unpredictable and has its ups and downs.

Woody Allen, Richard Nixon and Jane Fonda are Six personalities.