No person is a number however, during our formative years we make decisions about ourselves to help us fit in to our unique environment. From these decisions a position is taken called the thrust number.

With all personalities the attributes of the wings, (the position either side of the thrust number), when added in varying degrees to the thrust number, creates personal individuality. It is of the utmost importance that each of us understand the cocktail mixture we have created with our thrust number and wings.


When in balance they are warm and very amicable. Combined with their innate attributes of patience and their ability to listen they are receptive to others. They express gentleness, which is in keeping with their true nature. This gentleness enables others around them to establish trust with this personality and this trust will be stable. The nine is not a flippant person and can be very motivating with their clarity and insight.

On integration to the point three, (integration explained fully in CD/Audio workshop) they become self-motivated and put in action to achieve their own desires as well as the desires of those around them. The balanced nine’s intuition enables them to open up in their communication skills and combined with their natural insight, they venture out and risk voicing their opinions. The nine personality has stickability and focus when in balance.

Intimate Relations

This personality often loses itself and becomes a nonentity to blend with another personality. Nines merge with the partner like a child who resentfully goes shopping with its mother, they don’t like it, but they don’t verbalize their resentment. Their motive is to keep the peace and avoid conflict. When resentful, they are passively aggressive and stubborn and when feeling criticised are very defensive. They can have problems asserting themselves due to their desire to keep the peace.

Partners may complain that they don’t know what they are thinking or feeling and are frustrated with their denial or avoidance of problems in the relationship.

When balanced the nine personality is noncritical, loyal and supportive of their partner. They are kind, considerate and nonjudgemental as they understand another’s point of view. Loved ones can feel relaxed, valued and accepted by them. Although they like time alone, they love to socialise and enjoy fun times with others.

In the workplace:

Without question these people are motivated by union. They have an innate contract that if everything is in harmony anything can be achieved. Rocking the boat with these people can have them shutting down as it disturbs this belief system. Although not the first to promote change, the nine personality will implement new systems and change once they have had plenty of time to consider all the unforeseen pitfalls.

As people are naturally drawn to the nine, due to their ability to really listen, they can be very influential in the workplace environment. They will have a lot of knowledge on what is actually happening around the place and with the memory of the elephant can recall events and discussions with great ease.

Nine personalities are not show ponies and therefore don’t aspire to be in the public eye. If the circumstances require them to be up front they will perform with the appearance of ease, but they need plenty of time for preparation.

Nines excel with structure and withdraw from hostilities. With structured plans that are beneficial to all concerned the nine personality will perform over and beyond the call of duty with a minimum of fuss. Witnessing this, others may doubt the legitimacy of this statement as the nine appears to be plodding along at an even pace, however, the duties will be completed.

As leaders the nine personality achieves objectives through the ability to create a healthy team spirit that is focused. They delegate responsibilities well and team members can approach them with confidence with any problems as they take time to listen and are non-judgemental.

They are excellent mediators through their ability to see all sides and handle issues with diplomacy. They are trusted leaders as others are aware that success in achieving objectives is desired for the benefit of all concerned.

Because nines are very intuitive they have the ability to recognise any disharmony within the organisation and as a consequence, their input should be encouraged. When they do come forward, unsolicited, they should be listened to as they would have weighed up the pro’s and con’s prior to speaking up. When in balance, their opinions can be voiced with assertiveness and to the point.

Isolation doesn’t bother the nine in the workplace as it enables them to attend to their administrative duties without any external pressure and therefore, they can be left on their own to perform the tasks required of them.

Major points to remember. Allow time for the consideration of adjustment to change, encourage voicing of their opinions, they like structured formats, they perform at their best in cooperative and harmonious environments.

Common complaints about the Nine:
Complaints of the Nine:
Preferred positions:
The Key:

To appreciate the value of their own opinion and learn the art of expression without fear of condemnation. Realise that blending with others or the environment will sabotage a sense of self and build resentment. Act on their intuition and avoid procrastination.

Dwight Eisenhower, Nelson Mandella and Julia Child are Nine personalities.