No person is a number however, during our formative years we make decisions about ourselves to help us fit in to our unique environment. From these decisions a position is taken called the thrust number.

With all personalities the attributes of the wings, (the position either side of the thrust number), when added in varying degrees to the thrust number, creates personal individuality. It is of the utmost importance that each of us understand the cocktail mixture we have created with our thrust number and wings.


Ones are very well organised and industrious and accept responsibility well. They have high ideals and are therefore inspirational to others and are happy to extend a helping hand when needed. They like to be well prepared for any endeavour to meet their own high standards. They are conscientious, have a deep sense of right and wrong and strong moral values. They are impartial, fair and objective and are willing to contribute their all to the cause. Combined with the talents of the point two (one of the wings), we witness an altruism mixed in with the patience represented by the other wing, point nine. Appreciation of nature brings awe and wonderment to this type, enabling them to enjoy life with its imperfections.

Intimate Relations

Ones enter into a relationship with a pre-conceived idea of how the ideal relationship should be and when their partner doesn’t measure up to their ideal they feel angry. Because they don’t verbalize how they feel, their anger turns to resentment which they hold onto for long periods of time. Periodically their anger will erupt inappropriately in a fit of rage towards others with devastating affects.

In an intimate relationship, the one struggles with the acceptance that a partner can love them warts and all. This is derived from their program, if they are not perfect then they must be unlovable due to their imperfections. Their deservability rate suffers severely as a result of their self-condemning thoughts.

"If I express or show the slightest inkling of anger, which cannot be acceptable behaviour, I will be non-deserving of love. I have to be good so my partner/parents can love me. If they offer love, I must perform/do what is right and therefore, letting go and being me does not happen easily. It seems so easy for others but maybe they are a better person and more deserving and this helps them accept intimacy." As a result of this the one personality becomes emotionally cold and withdrawn, over critical and nitpicking towards the partner.

When balanced, ones are dedicated to those they love, making them feel secure and special. They create order and beauty in their environment and are attentive to the comfort and wellbeing of those close to them. When they lighten up and go with the flow they are loving and joyful partners.

In the workplace

Without question, the one personality thrives on having all rules and regulations adhered to. If the position they are working in allows for structured and scheduled routines, they will excel. These people are very creative in spotting unforeseen faults and have the capability of instigating systems prior to flaws being detrimental. They are motivated by completing set duties in an orderly and scheduled manner.

Quality control and integrity are important to these people. They are inspired when things are done correctly. Employers and colleagues would enjoy tremendous co-operation from these people when all details of the job at hand are followed precisely. If they are not in agreement with a particular format, they will still co-operate while instigating their own system as a back up should anything happen to go wrong. This enables the one personality to gain peace of mind should and unforeseen problem arise.

Respect within the workplace is also a major motivational force for the one personality. They respect authority figures that show direction and can set the rules and regulations for the benefit of all. Colleagues who abide by these rules will also gain the respect of the one. Having direction in their employment allows the one personality to structure their own internal schedules to achieve completion of various tasks. It is as if they create a mental list of should do’s and as they near completion of these achievements it is imperative that future duties are outlined with plenty of notice. This time allows for a new mental list to be created and set a benchmark for the one personality to assess them by.

Acknowledgement for achievements is important with this personality. For example, a certificate for employee of the month would see them preening inside as they have done the right thing. Aware of their environment, they like to belong to organisations that are doing the right thing for society as a whole. Outside the work force they could be involved in voluntary organisations to help improve the lives of others. This reinforces their contract to help create an ideal world.

One’s are motivated by achievements and not necessarily success, they measure themselves by their own standards. If they are not rewarded for their achievements resentment will build, making life difficult for those around them. Ones must have recognition and financial rewards as well as the respect of their superiors. They must be treated with this respect to gain optimum productivity from them. Respect to the one is a mutual thing where if they don’t receive it for their efforts they will resent and not respect their superiors.

They enjoy presentations, which will be fulfilled in a very literal form. Everything by the book and precise. All equipment and paraphernalia will be in full working order and the presentations will be formal in nature. Preparation of these presentations also motivates the one as it allows for research and details to be studied for the correct outcome.

To motivate the one personality be clear, precise, specific and decisive in outlining their duties and they will cooperate with full commitment through to the task’s conclusion.

Common Complaints about the One:
Complaints of the One:
Preferred positions:

Any position that allows their attention to detail and regulations to be expressed.

The Key

Simply to lighten up and not take life so seriously. Accept others short comings with the knowledge that they themselves are allowed to have short comings. Address their fear of criticism and the fear of being wrong. Get in touch with nature (their gardens etc) as this enables the one to relax and enjoy the moment. Remember that it is ok to be wrong and that a mistake is merely a lesson you need not ever repeat.

Confucius, Ross Perot and Queen Elizabeth ll are One type personalities.