Divorce and separation

Separation and divorce are emotionally difficult events, but it is possible to have a healthy breakup.

In most cases both parties suffer with feelings of disappointment, guilt, anger, blame, fear, hurt, grief and depression and a sense of failure.

Divorce is a difficult time for the entire family and is a traumatic experience for children. Most children adjust well within 2 years following the divorce, but on the other hand children often experience more problems when parents remain in high-conflict marriages, instead of splitting up. Ongoing parental conflict increases kids risk of psychological and social problems.

Some couples are in confusion, not knowing if they should stay or go. If you still love your spouse, but you are hurting, scared, angry, this is not the time to make a life changing decision. It means you have unfinished business to deal with. Making decisions from an emotionally charged space is heading for more emotional disaster. Decisions made from a calmer place within yourself will help you to think things over more rationally and you are then more likely to make the right decision.

Holding on to anger maintains an emotional connection between you and your partner or ex and slows up your ability to move on.

Attempting to move on without completing the relationship will jeopardise any future relationship as the same issues will surface. What you don't complete will repeat.

Attending the Greatness In You allows you to take time out to resolve the negative feelings and gain understanding of the causes of the failure of the relationship bringing inner peace and acceptance. From this space practical decisions can be made with mutual respect and with the intention of the best possible outcome for all concerned.