Teenagers and young adults

Arguing more with your parents and wanting to spend less time at home is a way of trying to gain your independence and doesn't necessarily mean that your relationship with them will be damaged forever. Keeping the lines of communication open and letting them know how important it is for you to become your own person is the key to maintaining a healthy relationship.

As a teenager or young adult in today's society you face many challenges and stressful issues that can bring about unpredictable mood swings. It can be a time of much confusion and anxiety and depression.

At this stage of your life searching for your identity, working out who you are and where you fit in the world is important. This search can be influenced by gender, cultural background, family expectations and especially by friends when it comes to behaviour and self-esteem.

You can be more self-conscious than ever before, especially about how you look, your physical appearance and body changes. Your self-esteem can be affected by comparing the way your body looks with those of friends and peers and can lead to eating disorders.

Experiencing problems in school, (falling grades, getting into trouble, not paying attention in class, playing the class clown, getting teased and being bullied) can lead to hostility and aggression, or withdrawal from family and friends and aloneness.

Self-harming, (feeling ashamed for cutting yourself on a part of your body where no one can see), is not so much a cry for attention, but rather a coping strategy for emotional distress and depression. It may give you temporary relief from emotional pain, but does not eliminate the cause of your pain and depression. It is important to speak to someone you trust, parents, teachers, family members or friends who will seek the necessary and relevant emotional help you need.

Being liked and being popular is the dream of most teens and young adults.

However, you can go to ridiculous lengths to be liked. Joining gangs, taking drugs, drug dealing, binge drinking, stealing, people pleasing, having a lot of sexual partners and one night stands and not caring about the consequences, going against your own moral compass, leads to no self-respect, shame and guilt and in some cases thoughts of suicide and/or the prospect of going to jail.

When you slavishly attempt to seek approval from others you are actually perceived as lacking in self-respect. When you stop caring about seeking approval and being liked by others you are actually respected more because you are genuine and being your authentic self.

Attending the Greatness In You results in you knowing who you are and liking who you are. You will have renewed enthusiasm and motivation for a life filled with fun, enjoyment and amazing experiences.