You and your children

Without a doubt parenting is one of the most rewarding and challenging of life’s experiences and a huge responsibility.

As a parent you provide the best you possibly can for your children and wish for them a happy successful and fulfilling life. You are the major influence in establishing the groundwork for this outcome and can often feel poorly equipped and inadequate to the task. How you are as a parent depends largely on how you were parented. For better or worse you are the product of your early environment and unresolved issues of poor self-esteem, emotional distance, unhealthy methods of dealing with conflicts, authority issues etc. tend to re-surface and contaminate your relationship with your children when you become a parent.

Children learn what they live with.

As a small child yourself you lived with the positive and negative traits of your mother and father. Then you adopted both the positive and negative traits of your mother and father. It's the negative traits that cause the pain and need to be evaluated. Take a gentle honest look at yourself and ask yourself. "How does my father's and mother's negative traits express themselves in me? Have I become like them? Are my children living with the same things I hated living with? How do my children feel on the receiving end of my parenting?"

Recognising, understanding and resolving these past issues enables you to be free of their influence over you and as a consequence you establish close, healthier and more loving relationships with your children.

The greatest gift you can give your children is to love yourself so that you can be the positive loving role model your children need.

Attending the Greatness In You gives you the opportunity to re-evaluate how you parent your children.