You and your parents

The importance of your relationship with your parents should never be underestimated as it determines the quality, success or failure of all your close relationships in your adult life.

As a little child you wanted to be loved by your parents and what they reflected back to you is the major influence in the decisions you make about yourself, who you are and your self-worth and how you interact with others.

The blue print for how you communicate, express your feelings, tolerate intimacy etc. was established in your parental home and directly relates to your capacity to form and sustain healthy, loving and lasting relationships.

Your needs for love, support, intimacy, acceptance etc. that you felt were not met by your parents, though buried and perhaps discounted as irrelevant, re-surface and become demands that you place on your partners and those close to you later in life.

Any hurts, fears, anger, disappointment, insecurity, jealousy, guilt, inferiority that are unresolved from your relationship with your parents are acted out, causing problems and unnecessary stress in your present relationships.

By the process of re-experiencing and dissolving these old negative feelings you can drop your judgements of yourself and your parents and cease being victimised by your past history.

A victim's life doesn't work.

No one is to blame. When you blame others for how you are, you give the power to them and it places you in the role of the victim or the helpless child and you cease taking responsibility for your own outcome.

Making peace with your parents restores to you the power and capacity to take care of your own needs to create the quality of life and relationships that you deserve.

Attending the Greatness In You gives you the realization that, "Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself."