You and your partner

Love alone is not enough.

Although love is an essential ingredient it alone is clearly not enough to maintain a fulfilling and lasting relationship. When your relationship is lacking in good communication, commitment, intimacy, respect, fun, friendship, trust etc, the consequences are dissatisfaction, disappointment, frustration, boredom and resentment. You become disconnected and distant and your relationship degenerates to fighting or withdrawing, causing much pain and suffering.

When you enter into a committed relationship you and your partner bring your emotional baggage with you. Attitudes from your family homes, unresolved issues with parents, underlying self-esteem problems, sexual inadequacies, emotional scars from previous relationships and many unspoken expectations that you expect your partner to fulfil.

When you and your partner take responsibility to deal with your own baggage belonging to your past history your relationship is freed up from the negative effects and can be re-created constructively to be happy and fulfilling.

One really big significant thing that destroys relationships is when the very thing you loved about your partner in the honeymoon period becomes a threat to you.

She would say, “I loved your fun loving ways and your dare-devil, fearless, go get it attitude towards life. I loved how you were popular and charming and how everyone wanted to be around you."
Turns to “You are so irresponsible and reckless. You have children now and I expect you to stay home with the family, instead of going out having fun with your mates, racing cars and drinkiing beers. I'm last on your priority list. Your mates are more important than me."

He would say, “I loved how thoughtful, caring and considerate you were. I loved how you would do anything for anyone, nothing was too much trouble. I loved your family values and your stable, secure home life."
Turns to “You don't care about me, you worry too much about the kids and what has to be done in the family home. You are always tired and have no time to go out and have some fun."

If your contracts or expectations are not met, you react. Then you can't get past your reaction point to each other. You just react - react - react.

Attending the Greatness In You allows you to understand the cause of your reactions.