About the Greatness In You

The Greatness In You has provided 52 years of service for individuals prepared to challenge their limitations and find the key to unlock the possibilities for a great life.

The Greatness In You was launched in Perth, Western Australia in 1972 to cater for the needs of the business community. This offered fast, effective experiential training for executives, management and staff to achieve personal excellence in their areas of responsibility within their Companies.

Recognition by the business community, that optimum performance in the workplace is largely dependent on stable and harmonious personal relationships, the Greatness In You reputation for achieving results in this field quickly spread, by word of mouth and referrals, to family members, friends and colleagues. Consequently, the Greatness In You achieved rapid expansion into the Personal Education field and has experienced dynamic growth since 1972. Servicing both national and international clientele.

The Greatness In You Seminar has been previously conducted in most Australian states. Our present training centre is on the Gold Coast in Queensland, with representation through subsidiaries in all states.

The Greatness In You is not religious therefore is not interested in changing any religious or political points of view.

The founders are neither psychologists nor psychiatrists, nor are they specially qualified in any way in the practice of psychology or any branch of that discipline. They have all worked tirelessly in the field of consciousness growth and their combined experiences bring to the Greatness In You in excess of 100 years of education in human relations and personal development.

The Greatness In You seminar processes have been tried and tested over the last 42 years. The processes are continuously updated to ensure the very best results possible for all participants.

Participants are assured of complete confidentiality in a secure and trustworthy environment.