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Every month on the Gold Coast Queensland Australia people from all walks of life take action! They participate in the two day Greatness In You seminar.

They come from all over the world and from all states of Australia. They include doctors, lawyers, barristers, scientists, bank managers, therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, a brownlow medalist, an Aussie cricket captain, a buddhist priest, priests, nuns, reiki masters, teachers, mothers and fathers, homemakers, teenagers and senior citizens. Also they include victims of emotional, physical and sexual abuse, drug users, alcoholics, workaholics, perfectionists, very successful multi millionaires and more.

The reasons for attending are varied, but they all have a common demand, all want a better quality of life no matter what their professions or stations in life.

Only a limited number of participants undertake each seminar, with a minimum of three Personal Education facilitators so that you and others can gain the maximum benefits from the seminar experience.

Participation in the Greatness In You seminar is by interview only; either by telephone or in person.

2 days will change your life

Living harmoniously with others, taking charge of your own life, being financially independent and enjoying self-confidence and high self-esteem are common goals among all people regardless of age. However, taking responsibility in your own hands to get what you really want is often another matter.

The two day Greatness In You seminar is designed to show you how you can get more of what you want, but first you must recognise, understand and deal with the patterns, attitudes and behaviour that block your success.

As an adult you underestimate the effects of negative and often traumatic childhood experiences in influencing your present attitudes and quality of life and relationships. How you were parented, your relationships with siblings and extended family, peer groups and teachers are all major factors.

Freeing yourself from the negative effects of these past experiences empowers you to make the changes necessary to create the future you desire.

The Greatness In You processes work and are continuously up dated to ensure the very best results possible for all participants and has an unbroken code of confidentiality and privacy to provide a secure and trusted envionment for all.

The Greatness In You process